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About RobMech Consulting

At RobMech Consulting, we provide mechanical engineering design and services to develop bespoke automation and robotics strategies for your business. We work with you from concept to design, through implementation and commissioning, to ensure that the right robotics solutions are implemented in your business. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and providing innovative solutions to meet your unique business needs.

We are dedicated to providing transparent and accessible services to our clients. We believe that truth, trust, and transparency are the keys to success, and we strive to stay at the forefront of robotics technology to provide you with the best solutions possible.


Our Mission

At RobMech, our mission is to provide high-quality engineering services to technology and manufacturing businesses. We drive innovation and efficiency with robotics and automation, helping our clients improve their business competitiveness with cost-effective solutions to their unique problems while adhering to the highest levels of quality and safety. We collaborate closely with the client team to provide exceptional service, technical expertise, and a passionate approach to helping our clients meet their goals.

Our Vision

To be a leading mechanical engineering consultancy in robotics and automation, recognised for our innovative solutions, technical excellence, and commitment to client satisfaction. We will get a positive review and a referral from every client.

Core Values


We will clearly present all the relevant facts and be clear and concise in evaluating project options, proposals and progress. 


We will earn our client's trust that their best interests are the highest priority. Communication will be clear and concise on why we did what we did, and what the proposed path to success and completion is.


We are transparent in our work, deliverables and effort. Our tracking, reporting and results will demonstrate our prowess in detail-oriented engineering. 

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